Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My Spirit Deck

Here is an old Magic deck of mine; what was probably my favourite deck: the Spirit deck.

  • It probably doesn't compare to modern decks (as the new sets are a little insane IMHO), but was very good in its time. 
  • It is very strongly synergistic, all of the cards contribute to the theme.
  • It doesn't rely on ridiculously expensive cards to be good; it is based on an uncommon and only has 2 different rares
  • It is all from a single block (Odyssey Block - Odyssey/Torment/Judgement/7th Edition)
  • 10 Islands
  • 19 Plains
The deck revolves around using the Looters and Brokers to draw and discard, fuelling the Spirit Cairns and Confessors. The Glorious Anthems and the Divine Sacraments are used to power up your modest spirits, and then deal massive flying damage.

 It is surprisingly powerful, and very consistent in its performance. 

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