Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Teaser: Distant Colonies Expansion

While working on Distant Colonies, I have learned a great deal. I have also experimented a great deal, and the product of my experiments is many other cards that I have not included in the base set.

I have a significant collection of cards that I am planning for an eventual expansion to Distant Colonies. I have included a few samples as a teaser:

I quite like both of these cards; Technology serves as a much better answer to Potion (IMHO), allowing you to build it into your composition rather than adding a second resource dimension to a one-dimensional game. Criminal Mastermind is just plain awesome, turning the entire game on its head with a madcap gamble to get your Influence below 0 and end the game before your opponent reaches 20.

Technology also serves as a way to mitigate self-propelling engines, such as Grand Market and Minion, whose sole disadvantage is that they are expensive, and whose primary benefit is that they produce money. I try and maintain certain thresholds of cost for commons (2-4) and uncommons (4-5), and adding technology allows me to keep them within that range, while making the game more dynamic and interesting (hopefully).

I have learned a great deal about Domion in my endeavour to copy it, possibly forcing me to eat my previous words in a future post. But more on that later.


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