Thursday, 27 December 2012

DC Updates

I have made some fairly significant changes lately to Distant Colonies. This article will outline those changes.

  • Firstly, a cosmetic change. The text backgrounds were changed to make it easier to tell them apart. This was overdue, and makes them look a lot better in my opinion. I felt that the types were too hard to read before, and they look much better now. In addition, I also unbolded the types, as now that they are plain black, they do not need the extra bulk to be legible.
  • As a minor cosmetic change, the images are now automatically proportioned, whereas I had to do it manually before. The box for them is also differently done, as it has much smaller corners now so that images with similar aspect ratios to the box itself will not go outside of it

  • Rarity structure revised - I am now in the format of going 5/5/5 common/uncommon/rares versus the previous 4/5/6. I feel that commons should be the core of your deck, and this will allow for greater variety and more interesting decks.
  • In relation to the previous change, I have removed 3 rares and added 3 new cards instead.
    • Removed: Accounts Receivable, Colonel, and Corporate Spy
    • Added:
    • At this point Retailer seems too powerful (as it is pretty much strictly superior to Executive), so I will probably need to do some balancing for it. 
    • Analyst also seems too straightforward; it is the same thing as my old version of Marketer; there is no composition that suffers from having it in your deck.
    • In order to keep the numbers of commons vs uncommons balanced, Commodore was moved to being common. Also, note his wonderful gradient background.
  • Another cosmetic change, Attack and Defence are now included as tags at the bottom, along with Terminal. Again, note the gradient background for multiple types. It helps to clean up the text boxes, as previously, text had to be strategically positioned to avoid going over the enormous overlap of text that came with having many types.

  • Captain was changed to being 3 cost. This was mainly to offset the fact that 1 Influence counts for more in Distant Colonies than Dominion; as well, I do not have (m)any Trash-for-Benefit cards, so the extra cost should not play a major factor for the Captains you start with.
  • Hedge fund reworded. This is mainly important because the wording is based on the player playing all resources simultaneously, which as of yet has no effect on gameplay, but will influence future cards.

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