Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My Dominion Storage Solution

How to store your various expansions is a problem that faces most Dominion players with many expansions. I personally own 3 Dominion boxes, the base set, Intrigue, and Seaside. 

There have been many different approaches to housing your dominion collection. There are a few key factors to consider when choosing a Dominion Storage Solution (DSS). 
  • Capacity - It needs to have the ability to hold all of your cards, as well as any applicable mats or tokens.
  • Indexing - It needs to be easy to set up a game, as well as find cards selected at random.
  • Size - It should be fairly space-efficient.
  • Cost - It doesn't need to set you back a lot of money. If you're enthusiastic, spend as much as you like, as there are some great examples out there of elaborate solutions.
With these in mind, I chose to use an old Magic binder to house my cards, and an additional small card box to hold the basic resources, randomiser cards, and tokens. I currently do not have the Seaside mats or the extra set of Intrigue basic resources with the rest of my cards, but that isn't an issue for me, as they are not really necessary to play.

The binder and box. The card on the spine had to be trimmed slightly to fit, but it didn't cut off any of the design.

The basic pages. Contains the starting decks (7 copper + 3 estates), trash cards, estates, duchies, provinces, and curses (in groups of 10 so that they can change based on the number of opponents you have).

Tabs used to divide expansions. I currently have 3 expansions, with a tab for the basic cards, and one extra for the extra copies of the victory cards.

Base set, Intrigue, and Seaside.

Extra copies of the victory cards. These are only used in 3+ player games.


  1. Hey! Great post. I would love to know a little more about this storage solution - like what brand you're using, and how the cards fit in. Can you drop me a line on sa.iblys@gmail.com ? Thanks!

    1. I couldn't really tell you what brands I'm using; it's a generic 3 ring binder and standard 9-slot card pages, with standard card boxes.

      The cards fit quite well up to stacks of 10. I separate VP cards into 8 and 4, so I don't have to deal with fitting 12 of them in. You may also run into issues if you sleeve your cards.