Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Targaryen Deck

I play the Game of Thrones LCG, and thought I'd share my Targaryen deck. It does not require many expansions* to make, and is fun to play.

The deck is based around pulling off a Focused Offense early game (first or second turn) and riding that advantage to victory. The deck has a large focus on early game, heavy on locations and cheap but powerful cards, combined with the triple claim allows you to kill most of your opponent's characters in a high-risk all-out attack. It is by no means a one-trick pony, and can hold its own (and rightly terrorize) once the dragons come into play.

The Plot Deck:

The plots are very Initiative focused, the lowest among them is 4. Attacking first is important to this deck.

The Deck:

Triple Copies:

*Because this is an LCG instead of a CCG like Magic, it has expansions instead of booster packs. This really helps to keep the cost of cards down.

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