Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Machine of Death

Just a quick update. I have recently pledged for the Machine of Death kickstarter. As before, I tend to pledge for unique games that offer unique concepts or mechanics, or promise something that you can't find elsewhere.

Machine of Death is no exception. The concept behind the game comes from a collection of short stories centred around the Machine of Death (MOD), which predicts how a person will die. In the game, you are given such a prediction, and must reverse engineer such a death for a chosen target.
Depending on the game mode, you either work together to come up with a suitably exotic death, using the constraints and items the game provides, or you go head to head and each come up with your own, and compete for the grandest attempt.

It seems like it would be fun as a party game, as the mechanics themselves are much more oriented around social interaction rather and absurdism rather than any sort of coherent strategy.

The Kickstarter runs until Tuesday, March 19th. If it reaches $333,333, then Zach Weiner of SMBC will contribute art to the game.

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