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W(h)ere Part 2

A continuation of last week's feature. This details the levels, and through them the plot of this game. I go into some detail about sunstones, moonstones, and star shards. Essentially, Star Shards are the primary collectable, along the same lines as stars in Super Mario 64 or Jiggies in Banjo-Kazooie. Sunstones are collectables to get you more health, and Moonstones get you more mana. You also collect Charms to learn certain new abilities.

I have left out some of the details that I have planned, mainly for the sake of brevity, as both of these articles have proven rather lengthy.


  • Animal Enemies

Dog, Super Dog, Elite Dog - A domesticated dog, who will oppose you. They fight with claw and tooth against you; when fighting them in wolf form, they will try and pin you to the ground and tear at you while you are down.

Degeneris - Essentially a dog, but with a giant-rat twist to its appearance.
Blood Hound - A dog that uses their sense of smell to track you.
Peon - Ugly crablike thing; they are small, but numerous.
Mouler (grim) - Tiny creature, ugly with pointed joints and black scales with green veins in between. Looks kind of like a turtle with no shell, back feet like a turtle, but has flippers for hands.
Mouler (kappa) - Larger version of the Grim, with claws instead of flippers.
Cabium - An oversized monkey; climbs trees and throws rocks or uses a melee attack.
Bear - A very strong opponent. Shrugs off minor attacks.
Large Rat - attacks in swarms.
Ardan - Similar to an armadillo. It rolls into an invincible ball when threatened.
Komodo - A large lizard. It will not offensively try and pin you, but it can counter your attempts to pin it.

  • Human Enemies

Scientists and Workers - Not a real enemy, they will mostly run away from you whenever they see you. You may be able to use some of the items they drop as weapons.
Security Guard, Officer - Standard human enemies. Armed with a pistol.
Military Grunt, Commando - Elite human enemies. Armed with a rifle.

Turret - Immobile defensive unit. Is immune to many lesser attacks.


  • World
The world is a small island in the Caribbean; it has a large mountain on it, and a significant forest. It has several man-made complexes, most dedicated to science, others dedicated to the military. The installation is a military-science facility [it researches science for military purposes]. There are several sections to the world; the first is an isolated beach with a storage facility on it. After that, there is a forested section, which will serve as wolfwere territory until you return to your place of origin. After that there is a plains with bodies of water running through it. Coming from these areas, and often bridging them are the levels; described below.
There are four Star Shards in the world, and four Sunstones and Moonstones. They are scattered throughout the various areas.
  1. Storage Facility
You start off in a strange room, a red light rotating constantly. Alarid breaks through a vent above a cupboard, urging you to get up to her position [and giving you instructions on maneuvering in the process] by climbing some filing cabinets. After you are in the vent with her, she tells you how to break the vent covers [with your melee attack] then returns to the surface, telling you to free the others. Others in the facility are: Sicaris, Maltarid, and Delaris. Olarid and Balaris are found later on. Each has a puzzle that must be solved to release them, and then they each give you a Star Shard. The fourth is carried by the Alpha Male, a boss in the form of a dog who stops you from leaving after everyone has been released, and fights you after you have defeated some of his dogs. The sunstone is in a chemical storage room, guarded by an elite dog. The moonstone is in a giant air conditioning unit, a maze of moving gears and fans.
The level is populated by the escaped animals; mostly dogs and peons.
There are four Star Shards, as in any level, plus one Sunstone and one Moonstone. You rescue Sicaris, Maltarid, and Delaris in this level.
  1. Underground Tunnels
The level is a series of underground tunnels, with a central chamber in the shape of a donut. In the hole of the donut is the lair of Moulers, defeat a wave of Kappas and receive the first Star Shard. You must defeat all of them without leaving or else they respawn. In the many tunnels surrounding the central chamber lies an abundance of Grims. Some of those tunnels lead off to sub-levels, which contain two of the remaining Star Shards. The remaining one can be found in the hands of Kretis, who is a unique Grim, though hardly deserves the title of boss. He runs away, and you need the Scent Track ability to defeat him. Sicaris gives you a moonstone if you can solve a childish riddle of his. [random riddle, mc answers, if wrong, picks next riddle] The other moonstone is in a sub-level, you must fight an elite dog for it. A sunstone is located in the highest part of the Mouler lair, it is difficult to spot and reach. The other is located in a remote tunnel, guarded by a Kappa. A tunnel leads from the Underground Tunnels to the world on the other side of the mountain.
This level contains Moulers - both Grims and Kappas, a few large rats, and the one elite dog.
There are four Star shards in this level, along with one Sunstone and one Moonstone.
  1. Heartland
The heartland is a lush part of the forest, it has a clear lake in the center with rich green plant life all around. It is populated mainly by Cabiums, with an occasional Peon for good measure. There are three elevation levels in the Heartland, which can be accessed by climbing trees to the second level, then taking a tunnel up to the top level. In that tunnel is a bear, which is guarding one of the Star Shards. You must evade him and take the Shard, then escape; as you have no method of harming him. He cannot be pinned and takes no damage from your attacks. The bear will not leave his den. [you need the amplify strength ability to defeat bears or powerful human items] The third level is the summit, it has a view of the entire level, and it has a sunstone on it. The other sunstone is hidden in a secret lair, which can be found by the scent of the Kappa inside, then accessed by breaking the wall with a swipe attack. The first moonstone is located in the lake [requiring the lesser swim ability to obtain]. The second is hidden in a bird’s nest on top of a tree. The second Star Shard is inside a run-down cabin, on the ground level. You must use crushing bite to disable the lock. The third is located in a collapsed branch off of the tunnel leading to the third level; only a small gap is between the rocks and the ground [you need crawl to get this one]. The fourth is carried by Dr. Cameron, who you take it from without harming her; with some instruction and explanation by Alarid [as to her significance in allowing Alarid to escape]. You find Dr. Cameron in the abandoned hut, Alarid shows up, explanation, you pin her while Alarid takes the Shard and gives it to you, you leave, and Cameron leaves looking shaken. You can only find Dr. Cameron after you have broken the lock and have at least one sunstone and one moonstone and two other Shards from this level.
This level is populated mainly by Cabiums with some peons and the lone bear, and a pack of dogs.
The Heartland contains four Star Shards and two Sunstones and two Moonstones.
  1. Deserted Camp
This level is basically flat, with the exception of a small, elevated section on a hillside and a few accessible rooftops. It consists of a camp fenced in on three sides with a cliff face on the fourth side. On the cliff face, there is an elevated section with a cave on it. There are several buildings of little importance, though some worth mention are: a storehouse, an animal holding facility, and a hazard course. The level is populated mainly by large rats and degenerises. The first Star Shard is in the possession of a bear in the elevated cave [requires amplify strength]. The second is in the possession of the Cabium boss, who starts on the roof of the storehouse. He jumps from roof to roof, and if you fall you have to start over again [you need running jump to defeat him]. The third is at the end of the hazard course [which requires crawl, lesser swim, running jump to beat]. The fourth Star Shard is in the hands of your father, Balaris which he gives to you after you free him from the animal holding facility. The first moonstone is inside a breakable box in the storehouse. The second is in an empty cell in the animal containment facility. The third is in an offshoot of the bear’s cave and can be found by smelling out a Grim in the room. The fourth is in a fenced off kennel, containing two elite dogs, which requires crawl to get into. The fifth is in an unimportant building, which requires you to break down a door with a swipe attack. The sixth is on an elevated part of the hazard course roof. The amplify strength charm is in the open, in the center of the level. The half-Channel charm is behind a padlocked barred [so you can see it through the door] door that you need an amplify-strength crushing bite to break into.
This is mainly populated by large rats and degenerises, with the one lone grim.
The Deserted Camp contains four Star Shards, six Moonstones, and an Amplify Strength charm, and half a Channel charm. [note: temple ruins has 6 sunstones to compensate]. You rescue Balaris in this level.
  1. Temple Ruins
The temple ruins is the remains of a Mayan temple; it has two main areas, a lower area and an upper area. The lower area is open and has a few small buildings, and contains the smaller of the two pyramids. The upper area is designed like a fortress; it has a steep stone wall down one side, and a number of turrets as well [castle turrets, not the guns] as well as a courtyard of moderate size. The larger of the two temples is inside the courtyard with one side adjacent/part of the upper wall, it is tall for its area and has stairs leading up to its entrance, and an enclosed top. There is a complex series of staircases leading up to the upper level from the lower one, of no particular importance, but worth mention. This level is inhabited by Cabiums, Large Rats, and Degenerises. The first Star Shard in this level is in the small temple, you must best a swarm of rats [which spawn infinitely until you get the Shard] amidst several small obstacles [just so it is not too easy]. The second is in the top of the bell tower [just a tall tower on the upper level], accessed by climbing and jumping. The third is given to you by Sicaris if you can beat him in a race across the level. Three of the sunstones are held by the Degeneris heroes, they stand by the larger temple on the upper level; once you have bested each of them, you can fight the boss on the top of the temple, receiving the fourth Star shard. The fourth Sunstone is in the bowels of one of the structures on the upper level, it is behind several pendulums that hurt you if you cannot time it well. The fifth Sunstone is in the hands of a Cabium that runs around the level, in a rather cowardly manner. The sixth Sunstone is in a broken building, requiring much maneuvering to reach [crawl, climb, etc.] The channel fragment is located in a building in the upper level. The shock fragment is in an altar room, near the first temple’s peak.
This level is inhabited by Cabiums, Large Rats, degenerises, and a few ardans.
The Temple Ruins has four Star Shards, six Sunstones, half a channel charm, and half a shock charm
  1. Power Plant
The power plant is the first inhabited human structure that is a level. It is mainly inhabited by security guards and scientists. The majority of the level happens indoors, the power plant itself has many large rooms where things happen, things such as turbines, gas tanks, scaffold structures, power boxes, et cetera. This power plant is a coal plant, for purposes of design/research/realism. Outside the plant is a paved yard, with a fence enclosing the whole structure. It requires Amplify Strength to get into this level, as you must use an Amplify Strength-ed Crushing Bite to break the lock on the fence gate. To get into the plant, there are three possible entrances, one is a window on an angled part of the roof, it drops you on a scaffold in one of the generator rooms. The second is a ventilation duct on the second story, which leads to either a control room, a hallway, or a central air conditioning unit depending where you exit the duct. The third entrance is the most obvious; the front door. It is the most obvious, but also the most well guarded. You will have to evade or fight security guards if you choose to enter this way. It leads you to the central hallways, which will allow access to almost everywhere in the level. The first Star Shard is in the hands of a guard who patrols along with one other guard. The second Star Shard is on an elevated platform, which is inaccessible until you power down the section that it is in. The third is given to you by Balaris when you lower the main bridge, which requires a good deal of problem solving to accomplish. The fourth is in the central security wing; it requires a good deal of cunning to get it alive. Each of the three moonstones are by each of the three entrances to the Power Plant. The first sunstone is located in a turbine; you must stop the turbine [by overloading it with a shock] in order to get it. The second sunstone is on a part of scaffold that you must maneuver and venture significantly to get. The third sunstone is in the entrance chute for one of the smokestacks, you must be careful not to stay in there too long or to fall off the conveyor belt, as it could cost you a lot or all of your health. The shock fragment is located by a group of power boxes; it is fairly obvious. The force morph fragment is on a catwalk, it is slightly harder to find than the shock, but still fairly obvious.
This level is populated by workers, scientists, security guards and a few army grunts and dogs.
There are four Star Shards, three moonstones, and three sunstones in this level. There is half a shock charm, and one-third a Force Morph charm.
  1. Sigma Complex
The Sigma Complex is the largest scientific facility on the island; it has a central building with four smaller ones surrounding it. The central one is where most of the action of the level takes place, while the surrounding ones are often parts of quests, just to make them useful. The four buildings are: Barracks, Chemical Storage, Rail Station, and Greenhouse. Each is fairly self-descriptive, though, just to be clear: Barracks: a one story stronghold of sleeping infantry; Chemical Storage: two story building full of boxes and jars, with several interesting flasks on the walls. Rail Station: the hub of transport in the level, contains many pods and the rails they ride on. Leads to many areas in the level, single storied with a basement level. Greenhouse: a giant glass building with an abundance of plant life inside, with a solid wing for the scientists. The first Star Shard is hidden inside a clear cube, which requires a hit of acid to get to. The Second is held by Olarid, who is in a room of scientists, after you break her out, she leaves via a vent that only she can break, then a group of three human marines enters and you must beat them. From that vent, you can enter a room with a door that can only be opened from the inside; in the room is the first moonstone. The third Star Shard is on the roof of the central building, guarded by the Hapul [boss]. You get it after you have defeated him. In order to get onto the roof, you must climb a ladder (which can only be done in human form), though the actual fighting can happen in either form. The fourth Star Shard is in the Scientist’s wing in the Greenhouse, where you fight Samaris [sameul as a boss], you pick up a sword off a decoration on the wall (he does this before you, just to make it obvious; though you have to maneuver around him to get yours). You receive the shard after he is defeated. Sameul can only be defeated by a sword-bearing human, to help those low on energy, there is a significant mushroom crop in the main part of the greenhouse. The second moonstone is hidden inside a box in chemical storage. The third moonstone is on a ledge on the third story of the main building, just exit via a window and carefully move along. The fourth moonstone is in the kennel by the barracks, you must break into an separated part of the kennel and fight two elite dogs. The first sunstone is up a tree on the outskirts of this level. The second is in the control room of the rail station, out in the open. The third Sunstone is on the roof of the barracks; easy to spot but you must sneak into a fortress to get it. The last Sunstone is in the small parking lot by the complex, it is underneath a trailer [and therefore requires crawl]. The first force morph fragment is in the rail stop in the main complex. The second force morph fragment is around the neck of a Commando who patrols the perimeter of the facility.
This level is populated by scientists, security guards, a few army grunts, and some dogs [outside]
There are four Star Shards, four Moonstones, and four sunstones in this level. There is two-thirds of a force morph charm. You rescue Olarid in this level.
  1. Mountainside Defense Complex
This level features a host of military units, inside a massive military base surrounded by a heavy wall. Outside the main wall, there are two buildings, a guard house and a small cabin. Inside the cabin is a small arms cache, rifles and pistols with plenty of ammo for each. There is a small patch of mushrooms near the outskirts of the level. The guard house contains a switch that opens the main door, along with two security guards. The door stays open for forty seconds, though no timer appears on the HUD. Inside there are many buildings, some of the more important ones include: Station Alpha, Station Beta, Training Facility, Barracks, and Watch Tower. Station Alpha is the command center, it is heavily guarded and it is suicide to attack it initially. Station Beta is a smaller and less defended version of Station Alpha. The barracks is an underground storehouse for troops. The training facility is a combination of obstacle course, armory, and shooting range. The watch tower is a large and moderately defended installation, which offers a good vantage point for the surrounding area (and a good place to jump from to get on top of Alpha’s roof). The first Star Shard is at the end of the obstacle course [in addition to maneuvering, it requires invulnerability]. The second Shard is in Beta’s command room, it is not easy to get in and it is harder to get out. The third Star Shard is in an overhead vent [and requires aim rifle to get down]. The fourth Star Shard is inside Alpha’s command room; lets just say it is last for a reason. The first Moonstone is inside the main courtyard, just as a reward for getting into the level. The second moonstone is on the top of the watch tower. The third moonstone is on the roof of the training course. The fourth is on a target on the shooting range, which you must hit in the head to get [requiring aim rifle]. The first sunstone is inside a hollow in the mountain, it requires Scent Track to find and a simple hit to break into. The second sunstone is on the roof of Beta, it is harder to get to than Alpha’s roof, and you must climb through a series of vents to get on it. The third is in an underwater section of the obstacle course [requiring dive to get]. The final sunstone is carried by an Elite in the Alpha building. The invulnerability charm is inside the barracks, it requires good timing, stealth, and skill; as the door closes 10 seconds after a soldier leaves though right away if he spots you, and there are many men inside the bunker itself, which you should not rouse if possible. It is rather hard to get.
This level is inhabited by Army Grunts, Elites, a few well placed Commandos, a and meager number of (super) dogs.
There are four Star Shards, four Moonstones, and four Sunstones in this level. There is an invulnerability charm as well.
  1. Central Military Compound
This level is very hard, stealth and silence are important now more than ever. There are several alarms throughout the level, and if one is set off then a legion of soldiers will come for you; you must run and hide, as fighting is suicide. You must avoid being noticed and silence anyone before they can set off an alarm. The level is one giant building, it has four floors, which are supposed to be traversed by elevator, but you must get around using more creative means. There are three ways to get to the second level, the first is to climb on top of a filing cabinet and jump to a second story catwalk, the second way is to climb a ladder in an obscure corner of the world, the third way is to use the elevator, though the elevator is in a spot that can be spotted easily by patrols and only extends to the second story and requires a lift pass ‘A’ [which can be stolen from any security officer on the floor]. To get to the third floor, you can do one of two things; take lift ‘B’ [same rules apply as to ‘A’], or climb a ladder. To get to the fourth floor, you can do one of four things, take life ‘C’ [same rules apply, though only Barney has the key, a security guard boss], climb a ladder, take a ventilation shaft, or open the master staircase, which extends to each floor but can only be opened from the inside, though the third floor’s door is left open. Once you open all the doors, they will not be closed unless you set off an alarm, though at which time you’ll have bigger things to worry about as bloodhounds and marines track you down. The first Star Shard is in the master staircase on the first floor, at first you can see it through the window but cannot get it. The second Star Shard is in a security station on the second story. It is well guarded, but is very straightforward. The third Star Shard is in the third story elevator [c], noting the security guard boss required to get it. The fourth Star Shard is on the fourth story, on the neck of the caged Ripper; you must set off an alarm while on the fourth floor for him to be uncaged, then you must find and best him amidst the chaos. The sunstone are all held by patrolling guards on each of the respective floors. The first moonstone is inside an empty office on the first floor, requiring use doorknob to get. The second moonstone is on the outer ledge of a window on the second story, if you fall you exit the level and take some damage. The third moonstone is on the third floor, in a small hallway with one camera that you must disable to get the moonstone without setting off an alarm. The fourth moonstone is on the roof, which you must climb some filing cabinets and go through a trap door to get to.
This level contains Army Grunts, Elite Dogs, Elites, Commandos, Bloodhounds [alarm activated only], and Officers.
There are four Star Shards in this level, as well as four Sunstones and four Moonstones.
X. Frigate
The frigate is the final ‘level’ of the game, it is supposed to test all of your skills and requires all the abilities found in the game to get through. It is not considered a level because it has no Star Shards or Sunstones or Moonstones. There should be recognizable things from each level on board the cruiser, such as chemical crates and cages from Sigma Complex and Storage respectively. For the frigate level to be available, the player must have at least 30 Star Shards total, and at least 2 from each level. The ‘bonus’ moves were included as a motivator for players to get all 40, just so they can get the most out of the game. The basic objective of the frigate is for the player to get on board and into the cargo section (uncaged this time) by the ship’s departure. To do this, you must jump into the water and dive under [in human form] and swim into a crack in the hull. The crack puts you into a small room, which requires use switch to get out of. Once out, you should go down the hall and secure a rifle and shoot off a cover of a pipe [requiring aim rifle]. Once you crawl into the pipe, it proceeds awhile then has a generous portion of acid [requiring invulnerability to get through] blocking the way to the next room. The room is a storage room, with a metal door with a breaker that you must overload with shock to get out of. There are a series of corridors you enter next, use Scent Track to avoid humans and find your pack mates (who docked beforehand while suspicions were low), then simply perform an ‘amplify strength’ed crushing bite to a padlock to get into the room.

[fade to black//cinematic] The ship sails away from the island, zooms in on a port window to reveal a family of cheering wolfweres (or doing the werewolf equivalent of cheering, barking and jumping around in happiness). [fade to black//credits] The captain of the Frigate, what looks to be a senior member of the science community, an army commander, and the lovable Dr. Cameron are all sitting around an important looking table; discussing the wolfweres that forced them off the island. Scientist: “they were likely just indigenous to the island, tribals or something of the sort” Army: “you’re trying to tell me that a few tribals took on two military compounds? They had to be foreign agents” Captain: “Agents or not, we have a bad story to report.” Army: “roger that, H-Q is going to be pissed” Scientist: “whatever they were, their interests were obvious. They captured the unique wolf-creatures” Captain: “hrmm, I could lose my fucking job over this...” Scientist: “not just your job; we are all in a compromising position” Army: “are you serious? Why would you [scientist] lose anything over this?” Scientist: “those specimens were a rare find, my superiors will not be pleased they were lost” [the three of them arguing blends into background noise as the camera pivots around to Cameron’s smirking face]


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