Thursday, 11 July 2013

Civilization Builder

I have started a new project recently, it is a light civilization building game. It is still very alpha, but it has a lot of good things going for it. I will be deliberately vague in some cases, as rules will be changing significantly throughout the course of development.

The game board is made of a series of 7-hex clusters that comprise the world that you are developing.
You build villages, raise armies, and upgrade your villages into cities and metropolises, gathering resources based on the terrain that you build them on. All the while, you can buy technology to improve yourself overall. As you gain technology though, so does it become available to other players as well. Many have an initial bonus to make the investment worthwhile for whoever buys it.

Overall, it is a fairly simple concept, and playtesting is going well, though I do feel like it has a long way to go. It plays fairly quickly, by avoiding a lot of heavy number crunching; at least near the beginning of the game. Once technologies start to complicate things, it slows down a little. I suspect that knowing the strategies better will help speed things along, as natural "build orders" start to emerge.

A few sample technologies (costs and values subject to change, so I didn't bother including most of them)
  • Foraging - for each field, one army there does not require an upkeep
  • Settling - convert an army into a village
  • Recruiting - create an army on a village space
  • Expansion - Build a village next to an existing one
  • Forestry - Villages can be built on forest tiles for +1g. They produce +1 wood.
  • Colonization - Build a village on any open tile
  • Urbanization - Build a second village on a field tile. It produces +1 steel
  • Subterfuge - When you research technology, keep it in hand until the start of your next turn. Only you benefit from it until then
  • Prosperity - +1 income for each player with whom you have touching villages.
  • Transporation - Armies may make an additional move per turn
  • Weaponry - Armies get +1/2/3 strength (multiple levels of this)
  • Fortification - Villages get +1/2 strength
I am aiming for somewhere between 20 and 50 technologies in total, though I don't have a clear idea in mind of how I am going to get 30+ more. 

I will continue to experiment with this game, and hopefully find a fluid way to introduce multiple tech paths without compromising how technologies are done in the game.

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