Thursday, 26 September 2013

Distant Colonies Update

Big Changes:

Flower Meadow is no longer in contention for this set. It doesn't really add to a kingdom, and seems more like a gimmick than anything.

Card Updates:
Curio Stand was reworked to become less of a Laboratory variant. I did some testing with it, and it works well for drawing, making engines possible in what would otherwise be a curse slog. It can also be great in alt-VP games with its new +buy - allowing you to mass up coppers and filter out your green.

I like that it now gives +2s across the board; though it bugs me that the bonuses are not in the standard order (card, action, buy, money) (this is because I kept the types in the order shown on Ironworks / Ironmonger / Tribute with curse at the end)

Bookkeeper was reworked significantly. It is now 3 cost, cannot trash cards anymore, and gives a generic +1 action rather than the cultist like play another of itself effect. This helps it fit in with more decks. It is very fun to play; you can chain them together and make interesting decisions about which cards to discard.

Almoner has its cost reduced to 2. This is a change I previously discussed.

Metallurgist has been buffed. Following some suggestions as well as my own ideas about improving it, I have added +2 cards and silver gain to it. This helps it to be useful in a wider variety of circumstances, and helps make it feel like a card of its own. You can use it as a Jack of All Trades variant, where you only use the silver and +cards and just improve your deck that way, or you can transform your treasure into engine parts. Note that the Silver gain happens first, so that if you have drawn your deck, it goes into your hand and can be transformed immediately.

New Card Candidate for Guilds:

Mostly just a concept at this point, I think this is at least a new and original take on coin tokens, as well as the -buy that everyone seems to want to work in, but never finds a good way to do. It is completely untested, but I have high hopes for it.

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