Tuesday, 10 September 2013

DotA Board Game - Combat

Continued from last time:


At the start of each round of combat, the player with the initiative token gets to play any standard ability cards that they wish (note that it requires an actual hero there to cast it, including mana cost). Afterwards, the other player may do the same.

Each hero then gets to act in descending initiative order. For your action, you can do one of the following:

  • Retreat: remove yourself from combat.
  • Attack and use abilities: make a regular attack, and use any number of regular abilities
  • Use a "Tap" ability: these abilities are specially designated, and correspond to abilities with channelling.
When attacking, you must target a melee target unless all melee targets are dead (or an ability or strategy tells you otherwise). Abilities may target anyone.

Creeps will attack the Front Creep first, then the other creep, then other melee targets of your choice, then ranged targets of your choice (regardless of strategies). This is known as Creep Target priority, and is mentioned on a few spells.

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