Thursday, 7 November 2013

Monsters - Bestiary

So, I am trying to depict my collection of monsters, and I have come upon a problem. I have a lot of them. Because of this I will have to break this up over several posts, similar to my Dota Hero posts.

For now, I will start by introducing the Monster families and their traits.

Each monster has two types, a Major and Minor type, which can breed and combine to create different monsters. There are 14 monster families, for a total of 196 monsters (14*14). "Pure breed" monsters have the same type as both their major and minor types, and are generally representative of the family's common traits.

The families are as follows:

  • Plant
Plants have high defence and low agility. They often use poison, status effects, or have unusual abilities to use in battle. 
  • Snake
Snakes have high agility, and often use special attacks in battle, such as poison or constriction.
  • Dragon
Dragons have very high stats, but as such they are slow to train. In addition, their abilities have high MP costs.
  • Small Beast
These smaller creatures have low strength, but high agility and intelligence. They are very varied, and most species have their own stylized abilities.
  • Beast
Beasts have average stats, and tend to have low MP cost abilities.
  • Large Beast
Large beasts have high strength, but typically lower intelligence and agility. They typically rely more on their basic attacks than their abilities.
  • Sea Life
Essentially everything in the sea other than fish. They typically have high intelligence, although each species uses this in different ways.
  • Fish
Fish are very agile creatures. In addition,many of them possess School abilities, that take advantage of their numbers.
  • Bug
Bugs tend to have very low strength, and very high agility. They also have Swarm abilities; similar to Schools, except that they are much greater in number.
  • Minion
Minions are the humanoid monsters. They tend to have lower strength, but high intelligence. They also have a wide variety of magic available to them.
  • Bird
Birds tend to have high agility. In addition, because of their lofty natures, they have higher than normal evasion, and can inflict critical hits in combat.
  • Material
Material monsters are actually made out of stuff, usually wood, stone, or metal. They have high defence and strength, but low agility, and very low intelligence.
  • Undead
Undead are peculiar monsters. They typically have less defence, but more HP than usual. Many of them have unique abilities.
  • Spirit
Spirits are often ethereal, otherworldly beings. Many are resistant or immune to physical attacks. Some are Elementals, who embody a particular element or aspect of the world. They typically have high intelligence.

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