Thursday, 14 November 2013

Monsters - the Plant Family

I mostly just have descriptions at this point; I don't have any finalized stats or move lists. I am aiming to have a picture that gives an idea of what the monster will look like for each of them. Also, note that all names are not finalized, in fact, most of them have overly normal names that mainly serve to give a rough idea of what they will be. In most cases, a more stylized name will be used for the final version of each monster.

  • Ent  (pure breed) - Ents are essentially animated trees. They are defence oriented, with good stats, poor agility, and a few special abilities.

  • Willow (snake) - Willows are an Ent variant, with much longer limbs and droopy branches. He has a few special flailing moves.
  • Snapping Venus (dragon) - A many-headed carnivorous plant. 
  • Crabby (beast) - The name refers to it being a crabby crabapple tree.
  • Sea Weed (sea life) - The idea here is that it uses its roots like arms, and can ensnare targets with them. 
  • Anemone (fish) - A writhing mass of limbs, it uses shocks to defend itself.
  • Mandrake (minion) - An exotic plant with humanoid roots. It has a cry that can incapacitate all that hear it.
  • Mad Carrot (small beast)
  • Leafbug (bug) - Fairly self explanatory. It also has high evasion due to its camouflage.

  • Flying Flower (bird) - The idea here is that it is a flower that remains in the air by spinning continuously, like a helicopter. 
  • Cactus (material) - A cactus monster.
  • Fungious (undead) - The first of the -ious monsters. They are essentially elementals of whatever is in their name; in this case fungus. I am somewhat torn as to what form this one in particular should take, I am picturing something between a Parasect and a shambling collection of mushrooms.
  • Domelon (large beast) - a watermelon monster. 
  • Sacred Tree (spirit) - A spiritual variant of Ent, most notable for the sacred shimenawa belt it wears. They have a number of unique moves.

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