Thursday, 28 November 2013

Monsters - the Sea Life Family

  • Sponge (plant) - a defensive monster, it usually relies on its symbiotes to defend it. It regenerates itself over time.
  • Eel (snake) - eels live under the sea, and are special in that they have an electric attack.
  • Kraken (dragon) - the Kraken is a massive squid, with an armoured body and powerful tentacles.
  • Turtle (beast) - slow and steady wins the race. They are very strong defensively, and use their intelligence to help their allies. 
  • Crab (pure breed) - crabs have good attack and defence, though lower HP than usual. 
  • Octopus (fish) - has a host of tricks in addition to its powerful tentacles. It is extremely intelligent.
  • Kappa (minion) - a river spirit, it derives its strength from water. It is a strong grappler, and uses some wrestling moves.

  • Shrimp (bug) - shrimps are in many ways smaller crabs, though they are also more resourceful than their larger cousins.
  • Manta (small beast) - the manta camouflages itself on the sea floor, and strikes with its deadly sting.
  • Penguin (bird) - the bird of the sea. They thrive in low temperatures, and are virtually immune to the cold.
  • Oyster (material) - the oyster is a reclusive monster, that most famously, produces valuable pearls.
  • Leech (undead) - a parasitic blood-sucker. Though small, they are tenacious, and difficult to remove. 

  • Hippocamp (large beast) - the horse of the sea. 
  • Sea Horse (spirit) - not to be confused with the hippocamp, the Sea Horse is a rare and majestic sight. It has several unique abilities.

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