Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Monsters - the Bird Family

  • Woodpecker (plant) - the woodpecker has the ability to pierce through armour quite easily. 
  • Widowbird (snake) - a graceful bird with a very long tail. 
  • Cockatrice (dragon) - the cockatrice is small in size, but has the ability to petrify with a glance. 
  • Eagle (beast) - a powerful bird of prey.
  • Pelican (sea life) - its unusual beak allows it to swallow its prey. 
  • Seagull (fish) - mine? These birds are voracious scavengers, and are most often seen near water.
  • Owl (minion) - a powerful and very intelligent bird. They are common familiars because of their large MP pool.
  • Vulture (bug) - a famous scavenger, vultures are very patient hunters, who like to stay out of danger and wait for their quarries to fall to poison or disease.
  • Bat (small beast) - a creature of the night, bats can see in the dark using their ears like radar. 
  • Falcon (pure breed) - falcons are hunters that rely on speed and precision. 
  • Phoenix (material) - the Phoenix is a mythical bird made from fire and born from its own ashes. It is said to be immortal.
  • Raven (undead) - highly intelligent, yet commonly viewed as a pest. They are scavengers often associated with death. They are also common messenger birds.
  • Roc (large beast) - this is essentially just a massive bird. It has the strength to lift an elephant, though the maximum size of these monsters varies.
  • Spirit Hawk (spirit) - a powerful bird whose reclusive nature lends it an aura of awe. It is said to tear the soul from the flesh and deliver it into the afterlife.

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