Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Monsters - the Bug Family

  • Grasshopper (plant) - grasshoppers have powerful legs that they can use to escape, 
  • Caterpillar > Butterfly (snake) - this species of monster transforms over its lifetime. It has different skills available to it throughout the course of its life.
  • Dragonfly (dragon) - a fast four-winged insect with an unusual resistance to heat.
  • Pillbug (beast) - a defensively strong bug, it can roll up into a ball to protect itself. 
  • Water Strider (sea life) - a usually peaceful monster, it can walk on top of water. 
  • Larva (fish) - an aquatic larva monster. It will propagate certain special abilities to its offspring.
  • Mantis (minion) - this monsters has some special attacks that utilize its pincer arms.
  • Solider Ant (pure breed) - very strong for its size, they can also coordinate very well with other bugs.
  • Spider (small beast) - a resourceful monster, with access to several unique abilities. It can produce webs, as well as having a venomous bite.
  • Wasp (bird) - a fast and furious pest. It has a powerful Swarm ability, which summons its brethren to attack alongside it.
  • Trilobite (material) - a living fossil, the trilobite is a large, many-legged monster.
  • Scarab (undead) - a bug symbolizing life, death, and rebirth. 
  • Beetle (large beast) - a very strong monster for its size. It can use its horn to defend itself.
  • Firefly (spirit) - their glowing body lights up the night, they also have some magical abilities.

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