Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Monsters - the Material Family

  • Marionette (plant) - a possessed puppet, they have a host of nasty tricks up their sleeves.
  • Chainious (snake) - a chain monster with an iron ball for a head.
  • Magmious (dragon) - a being made of pure magma, of indescribable heat. 
  • Clank (beast) - a mechanical dog. 

  • Ice Golem (sea life) - a monster made entirely from ice. It will not melt as long as it is in good health.
  • Aquaious (fish) - a water elemental. They are famously temperamental. 
  • Slimious (minion) - I'm not sure how humanoid I want these guys to be. I also like the idea that they can morph themselves into whatever tools or weapons they want.

  • Hive (bug) - A monster that relies on its swarms of symbiotes to defend it.
  • Clink (small beast) - A mechanical, wind-up mouse. 
  • Hatchey (bird) - An egg monster.
  • Golem (pure breed) - A stone giant. They often serve as bodyguards, as they make obedient servants.
  • Candlious (undead) - a candle monster. Remarkably hard to find pictures for online.
  • Clunk (large beast) - a mechanical horse.
  • Animated Armour (spirit) - A suit of armour possessed by the noble spirit of its former bearer.

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