Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Monsters - the Spirit Family

  • Poisonious (plant) - a poison elemental, these dissolve what they touch, and poison those that remain in their presence for too long.
  • Soul Collector (snake) - these beasts take undeveloped souls (usually from the fallen young) and raise them until they can pass on into the afterlife. 
  • Firious (dragon) - a fire elemental. They are always moving, as they need a constant supply of fuel to sustain themselves.
  • Ancestral Wolf (beast) - The spirit of a wolf, whose presence and influence helps guide its pack of descendants. 
  • Vaporious (sea life) - A mist elemental. These can move unseen, striking from and returning to thin air.
  • Nymph (fish) - A water spirit; these are famous for luring its victims to bodies of water and drowning them.
  • Poltergeist (minion) - A distinctly humanoid ghost, these are notorious for causing havoc. They can become invisible if they wish to.
  • Swarmious (bug) - a swarm of creatures, banded together and possessed by a single consciousness. They are difficult to kill, as they have numerous bodies.
  • Fairy (small beast) - a small, generally good natured creature. They have a good deal of magical abilities, though a limited Mana Pool.
  • Cherub (bird) - these monsters manipulate the hearts of others. While some are good natured, many are not so kind.

  • Totem (material) - An animated totem pole. They possess and can give the strength of the animals in their totems.
  • Ghost (undead) - a wandering soul. These typically have unfinished business with the mortal realm. They change their form to suit their mood.
  • Spirit Animal (large beast) - These animals live in the wild and give guidance to those in need of it. 
  • Wisp (pure breed) - A living ball of energy, Wisps are often mistaken for the lanterns of travellers. Their excess energy is given to those around them, infusing them with vigor.

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