Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Distant Colonies Cards

Both of these cards were born from an attempt to "fix" printed dominion cards.

Tariff is a combination of Tribute and Harvest. It is an attempt to fix how unreliable Tribute is (by having it target your own deck, and by sampling twice as many cards), and how limited Harvest is (by giving it a mix of effects rather than just coins).

Ranger is my attempt at a Scout fix. Anything else I could come up with was too similar to Cartographer, who was probably DXV's fixed Scout. This is based on a card from Tanto Cuore, who is a 5 cost and looks at 5 cards. I want to play around a bit and see what works best, though it seems like X cost, looks at X works for most values of X.

This card probably won't go into the set, but it was more of a thought experiment about how to fix transmute. I decided to "overwrite" the original, because any attempted "fix" would just be strictly superior to the original. The two changes were that it now gives +1 action, and that it gives +1 buy when you buy it; so it longer uses an action when you use it, and it no longer uses a buy when you buy it.

I figure this will help it be less obtrusive in a greater variety of circumstances. It will also allow you to amass more Transmutes in a deck; by making it non-terminal, you can trash your coppers to gain more, and then actually use them more. As always it will remain a transitional card, and so stay in its original role; it will just suck a little less at it.


  1. Oh man, I thought Tariff's art looked familar. Another fan-set is using it as well; he must have googled the same thing I did.

  2. Yeah, it's an image that comes up a lot when you Google for tax-related images. I originally found it for a card called Tax Collector, but now it's on Barrister, as you can see.