Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Distant Colonies Update

In order to limit its power, I am forcing a use it or lose it clause on this card. Hopefully, this should help mitigate its power levels.

Investment has transformed. It has lost its on-trash effect, but has gained +1 buy instead. You can use its +buy as a pseudo-silver, but if you do, they lose their effectiveness once their pile runs out.

Infernal Contract now gains you a curse if you attempt to trash it. This is to mitigate any trash-for-benefit schemes you might attempt with it.

A new card that I am experimenting with. It probably needs an "if they did" clause for the copper, but this is still an early iteration of the card.

I have finally conceded to criticisms, and increased this to 5 cost. Its flexibility does make it powerful, and I had fewer 5 cost cards than I'd like in the set anyways.

Bookkeeper was tweaked slightly, in order to allow you to use any in your hand. Previously, if you drew more than one BK at a time, only one was of any use to you without a village.

Doppelganger was tweaked, it is now $1 cheaper, but requires discarding a potion to gain a copy of the card. This is partially for balance, and partially for tracking problems. I read an article about how confusing it can be to have extra effects on throne room equivalent cards, and can understand how difficult it is to track a massive stack of effects; this should help limit the amount of extra effects that take place.

Almoner was tweaked to eliminate the possibility of a Kings Court induced depleting of piles. It also helps limit the swinginess of an Almoner rush.

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