Thursday, 30 January 2014

Distant Colonies - Tinker

Tinker is a concept I have had in my head for some time now; it has a few variations, but the concept stays the same of being able to exchange cards tactically.

Its value as an opener depends on the board; if there is a good 2 cost card (and it is not a shelters game), it is great to exchange your estates for them.

In the midgame, it can be useful to swap out engine parts in order to have an ideal amount of +action vs +cards in any given hand. It is also useful for swapping out cards whose usefulness has expired or diminished. (Sea Hag, Chapel, etc) or cards whose benefit occurs on buy/gain (IGG, Inn), or just any card that benefits from being trashed (Squire, Rats, Catacombs, Fortress).

In the late game, it can be used to swap cards for Duchies (or Platinum/Peddler for Provinces), or maybe just deplete piles by trashing and exchanging.

It is definitely a card I want to play around with; it seems to have a bunch of interesting uses. I actually just thought of something interesting; use it with fortress to gain the entire stack of tinkers at once. Whether you are massing up cards, or just piling out, it potentially puts the entire stack in your deck.

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