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Dungeon Keeper 3 - Campaign Plot

  1. Lord Illman –
Once a mighty champion who led legions of men, time has not been kind to him. His forces have been spent and he has weakened, leaving him with nothing except his loyalty to the light.
Keeper, he will be the weak link that allows you to break into this Kingdom. Crush him

  1. Lord Gelbard –
Having long hidden behind the forces of others, he has opted to fill his ranks with wizards instead of warriors.
While they are powerful support, they are weak and frail in combat. Keeper, take the fight to him and he will surely fall.
(+Training Room)

  1. Lord Craneburt –
A cowardly hero who locks himself away from battle, behind moats and gates. This is not all he has locked away Keeper, as he has taken prisoner a host of Dregs who would prove to be useful if rescued. Capture his briges and prisons and use his cowardly tactics against him.
+Wooden Bridge

  1. Lord Markson –
Leads the dwarven kingdom of Ironhill. It is a rich and populous community, but its magma rivers make it difficult to navigate.
If you wish to succeed here Keeper, you will have to learn the secrets of building Stone Bridges, and you will have to make the most of a limited force.
+Stone Bridge

  1. General Gearfort –
Commands the great Dwarven forges in this area. His forces are vast and powerful, but are quite divided by the region's unforgiving terrain. Only the native Dwarves can move around easily and they are a paltry threat at most.
Keeper, you must strike at the heart of Gearfort, swiftly and terribly so that he cannot gather his forces to retaliate.

  1. Lord Gabriel –
Stands in your way now; previously he was useful as a barrier between yourself and Keeper Elderbean, as it stands now, he is only a nuisance.
His kingdom sits beside a great underground lake, which should prove attractive to several waterborne races. He has fortified his walls, but has left himself vulnerable from the water.
Use the speed and power of the Nagini to outmaneuver this naive warrior; attack him from where he least expects it.

  1. Lord Construm –
A veteran from the days of Inquisition, he uses information as a weapon. His forces are great, and he is well hidden in the tunnels of this region.
You must beat him at his own game Keeper, interrogate his agents and discover the true path through his maze, for a myraid of traps and ambushes await down every false path.
+Torture Chamber

"The torture chamber; look how Construm has left it unused and abandoned. Teach him its true purpose Keeper! He has let its implements rust with his neglect. He will lament that these tools do not get any less painful as they rust."

  1. Keeper Elderbean –
Stubborn and greedy, he is eyeing your growing tally of lands and waiting for his opportunity to strike. He is no fool, and has already secured every portal in this realm.
You only have a small contingent of your best creatures; use them to great effect Keeper; steal the portals and resources he has hoarded, use them against him and banish him back to oblivion!

  1. Keeper Underglass –
The young and naive son of the late Elderbean. Enraged by the loss of his father, he has abandoned his carefully established defences in his haste for revenge.
Use his hate against him Keeper; create deadly traps for him as he blindly rushes at you, and once he has exhausted his forces, retaliate with all of your strength and cunning.

  1. Lord Yorick –
A hopeless slave to the forces of light, Yorick has been granted a regiment of Knights to command.
The twisted Dark Knight should be a match for its richeous cousin, they are every bit as fearless and strong, and will train tirelessly for you. Use the Combat Pit to train your forces to exceed the goodly lord of this land.
+Combat Pit

  1. Lord Highcrest –
Stands as the guardian to the gate to the surface, high and mighty. Be wary of the effects of sunlight on your creatures and dungeon Keeper.
You will be vulnerable during the day, which is when you will need to set up a careful defence. Once night falls though Keeper, you will need to strike hard and fast, for if he survives the night, he will surely return stronger than before.
+Guard Room

  1. Lord Conright –
Maintains control of this land by controlling its resources. Gold is scarce, and he has thieves and spies to steal away any wealth not under his control.
You must establish an economy in order to beat him Keeper. Use magic, sell off unnecessary rooms or traps, steal, rob your captives, cheat your creatures out of their wages; use any means necessary to gather the gold necessary to establish yourself Keeper. Once your forces are sufficent, raid his treasuries, and finally show him the strength of your resourcefulness.

  1. Keeper Agony –
The well-established Keeper of this sun-filled realm; Agony is not to be underestimated, as he is a master of evil.
In order to defeat him Keeper, we must use his dark nature against him. Use the daytime to establish yourself, and prepare for an invasion after nightfall.
His attack promises to be terrible, but no so terrible as you can be Keeper.

  1. Lord Sunford –
Leads a colony of Elves. Though frail, they are powerful foes nonetheless, and the sun pervades this land, leaving you little refuge for your dungeon.
You will require all of your craft here Keeper, use what you have to deadly effect and cut down the overconfident Lord Sunford

  1. High Cleric Redblade –
A richeous defender of the land and persecutor of the undead. He is well defended in his fortress, but his strength of conviction shall prove to be his weakness.
Gather a force of undead Skeletons to lure him out. Against his holy Clerics, they stand no chance, but your other forces should seize the opportunity to ambush him and end his richeous ways.

  1. High Cleric Montford –
Holds this realm securely, as he commands legions of men, and it has no Dark Portals for you to use.
Instead, you must use your small contingent force wisely, and capture the Graveyard to summons legions of undead Vampires and their subservient Ghouls and turn the fallen against the fair Montford.

  1. High Cleric Righton –
The last of these troublesome High Clerics, he possesses great wealth thanks to the rare gem seams that lie within his realm.
He has spared no expense in the defence of his castle, so I want you to enjoy cracking this oyster open to reveal its prize.

  1. General Millsbold –
Commands a powerful but young territory. Its inhabitants are inexperienced and untrained, making them prime targets for you keeper.
You must strike quickly though, as General Millsbold is strong and will surely form a worthy force from the populace if given enough time.

  1. Lord Nightingale –
A good friend of Prince Darkwort, that proximity to royal decadence has made him a coward. You must act quickly, as Lord Nightingale will flee at the first sign of danger.
You must find him and stop him before he can escape; interrogate as many prisoners as necessary, and be careful to conceal your dungeon, lest he notice you and disappear.

  1. Prince Darkwort –
The youngest and most troubled son of the King, young Darkwort is charged with protecting the Dark Temple. His dark nature has prompted him to use the Temple which has granted him the allegiance of several Dark Angels.
You must not kill the Angels, we dare not antagonize them. Should you capture the Temple, their allegiance will falter, and defeating Darkwort should be easy from there.
+Dark Temple
(+Fallen Angel)

  1. Prince Malwest –
The King's favourite son, he has been assigned a large force to defend this realm. Young and foolhardy, he intends to use it in a direct attack against you.
Establish a strong defence Keeper, and be wary of the Hero Gates. You will be attacked by wave after wave of heroic forces, followed by an attack led by the Prince himself.

  1. Archmage Nazareth –
The King's oldest and wisest advisor, he leads a council of Magi as well as an order of Knights. In his land are several mana vaults, which will serve you well.
Keeper, the time has come for you to call upon our greatest champion: Horny. He is unstoppable in battle, and will make short work of the castle's defences.

  1. Prince Albian –
Commands a force of Elves, and is in possession of a holy artifact that would allow him to summon a contingent of Seraphim to aid him.
Do not allow this to happen Keeper. The ritual cannot be completed until his mana reserves are sufficent, and you must ensure that this never happens. Seraphim are richeous pests, and their presence would make things difficult here.

  1. General Steelcraft –
The King's most trusted General, Steelcraft commands a mob of Giants who operate his mighty Workshop. His kingdom is filled with trecherous terrain; rivers of magma and a Beholder's labyrinth.
His forces are powerful, his defences impenetrable – it will take all of your vicious wit to outflank and outmaneuver this worthy foe.

  1. Keeper Oderus –
A selfish and twisted fiend, Oderus keeps a pair of Succubi as personal attendants. Keeper, his realm is vast and his temper foul.
His ego is his weakness however, and a timely delivery of tribute will appease him, buying you the time you need to prepare your attack. Strike when he least expects it, and cut his decadent heart from this realm.

  1. Keeper Illumian –
The oldest and craftiest among the three brother Keepers, Illumian favours the Arachneus huntress to fill his dungeons. In addition, he also has powerful legions of undead. He preys on a nearby community, who have started fighting back with their Monks.
Keeper, convert these holy men to your cause and use them against Illumian. Their effectiveness against his undead minions should be enough to tip the scales in your favour.

  1. Lord Pixfort –
Famed for being the only man to tame a Dragon, Lord Pixfort has long been a banner of hope for his people. Their hope is their strength Keeper, and it is this you must take away from them.
So long as their spirits are high, their numbers are endless; you must best their Dragon and convert their followers to break their spirits and leave them ripe to conquer.

  1. Prince Manifest –
Possesses a powerful artifact that he named – in all his infinite creativity – the Manifest Stone. It saps the mana from the land, depriving you of the precious resource.
Your traps will falter, your imps will perish, and spellcasting will be impossible whenever he invokes the stone. You must rely on your minions to overcome Manifest's forces and destroy him and his artifact Keeper.

  1. Prince Milbert –
A shy and timid prince, he is kept under lock and key by his father the King. Protected by a brute squad of Giants, a company of Knights, a temple of Clerics, a school of Magi, as well as every other man spared by his father.
While it is an impressive force you are up against Keeper, it has no leader, as Prince Milbert is but a snivelling child. You must exploit its disarray to penetrate these defences and leave King Mightford without an heir.

  1. King Mightford –
Having brought ruin to his kingdom, you must now face the great King himself. His forces are unmatched, his defences unparalleled, his strength and resources unlike anything you have faced before.
He keeps a pair of Seraphim on hand, who will prove a powerful obstacle for you.
Do not fear him Keeper, for while it promises to be an impressive last stand, you have proven your strength and wickedness time and again to me.

You shall overcome the last stand of Highbold and bury the land in shadows. You need only pry the crown from the cold, dead fingers of King Mightford.

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